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Eric R. Eickhoff

4650 W. Spencer Street
Appleton, Wisconsin 54914


Eric Eickhoff is a criminal defense attorney based in Appleton, WI. Since second grade Eric knew he wanted to be an attorney. And having been a lifelong resident of the Fox Cities, Eric knew this is where he wanted to practice law. Even though Eric's office is in Outagamie County, he has significant experience in Brown and Calment Counties. Because of Eric's capabilities, he has been appointed cases in Door, Manitowoc, Marathon, and Winnebago Counties as well.

While Eric Eickhoff has extensive experience in other areas of law, Eric has made the conscience decision to specialize in criminal defense. When an individual is alleged to have committed a misdemeanor or felony they need an attorney that has a thorough understanding of criminal law and the criminal justice system. Since Eric exclusively practices criminal defense, he has that knowledge. In addition to that, Eric also has the experience. He has handled all types of criminal cases including disorderly conduct, OWI, battery, sexual assault, and drug related charges.

In addition to an attorney's knowledge and experience, an attorney's reputation and relationship with the judge, courtroom staff, and prosecutor is also very important. Eric Eickhoff has a positive reputation and relationship with the judges and courtroom staff that he practices in front of and the prosecutors that he practices next to. What does that mean to an individual that is alleged to have committed a crime? A higher likelihood that their case will be resolved successfully.

Anyone charged with a crime has certain rights, including the right to an attorney. Exercise that right; do not waive it. The criminal justice system is a maze that you do not need to, and should not, navigate alone. If have questions about your case or your rights, do not hesitate to call Eric and set up a time for a free consultation.



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